Ranger Power

July 8, 2008

It’s so corny and bad that I actually like it. Obviously there’s some parts that could be better, but hey, this is H!P, does it even matter? My favorite parts where the little balloon incident and Erika and Chisato. Showing the girls doing all type of different things was cute. XD

Mai and Maimi… wow. Retarded. XD

There’s just too many idols as rangers these days.

I wanted to say that these last couple of days I haven’t put any attention to this blog or given any thought of what I would like to write.  Sorry about how incredibly short this is and I guess I’ll put this as note in case I take awhile to update. Possible hiatus. Maybe, I don’t know, it could just be a big time gap between posts.


I’m full of lame gags

June 15, 2008

For the majority of JE/H!P fans, this idea is pretty old, but I’d feel left out if I didn’t post this here as well. I still think that if they ever got together, they would have the cutest eyelidless baby.

Oh, and elephants aren’t the only lucky ones.

However, Koharu takes the full on approach.

Oh Baru.

May 30, 2008

I love Baru, I really love you, but I couldn’t resist laughing at this.

“It looked like they were on a trip to a third world country and he was a local woman they were visiting to help clean up her house or something.”

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IT DOES LOOK LIKE IT. OH GOD I FEEL SO EVIL AND STUPID LAUGHING AT THIS. DDDDDx But it’s truuuuuue. When I took a second look, it just clicked in my mind. And then Soli looks at it, looks at Ohkura and says, “Look, an oreo!” XDDDD I’m so idiotic.

So, just to salvage this a bit so it’s not entirely useless spamage..

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From the H!P world, comes High King with their single, which we’ve dubbed, “The Rella Complex”

C’moooon. Don’t tell me you don’t get our pun. D: We’re not that bad. It’s Heechul. And it has red. Besides, the whole “GIVE ME LOVE” pretty much sums him up. As for an actual review of the PV… let’s say I’m not a big Reina fan. The song irks in certain parts but the PV definitely makes up for it, so I’m okay with it. Y’know, with the PV having a proper set and all, I’m sort of impressed. I’m still curious over how the style will help promote the musical. And I know the reactions have been mixed, but I still like the dance. Feel free to question and judge my taste. Then again, this whole blog is a big question mark on my judgement. : D

With Saki, even if her voice is pretty ‘manly’ sometimes, I still like my breakdancing Saki. Her saggy right eye bugs me a bit, but it’s not enough to overthrow my appreciation (it hasn’t reached the love stage yet) of her. Maimi’s a bit off for me though. Doesn’t quite stick in. I like Yuuka’s hat. That’s about all. Sure, her voice is cute, but does H!P really need someone that sounds like Momoko? Er, I’m positive about this, really. I’m sorry. D: I’ll go as far and say that I’m starting to like Takahashi more. I was stuck on neutral with her for the longest time. Going back to that Rella thing…

His basic dance skills consist of that. C’moooooon. LOOK AT IT.


This is going to be fairly short, but… hadwanted to post about FTI’s new music video from their mini album in Japanese. *notes self to download*

OMFG. They look beautiful. Hongki looks so nice… Love the hair. Jonghun is mndbeiufbweifbhw OKAY. I’m trying SO hard not to be incoherent but Jonghun is my favorite so I had to. He deserves keyboardsmashing from me because that boy is GORGEOUS. Wonbin’s hair is lovely, Jaejin looks adorable and I can’t really say anything about Minhwan because… Something about his hair I don’t like. For him, anyway. D:

The PV; it’s noticeable that it’s for the japanese audience. I mean, it reminds me of SID (Jrock) but Hongki’s voice makes it different. Only reason why I liked it. Wonbin was given more screen time and Hongki wasn’t the lead singer here and it was more of a duet. Didn’t mind it much, but… I kind of expected it. Overall, I fricken loved it. The song was real nice, again, Hongki’s voice made it so worthwhile. Their japanese made me smile. It reminded me of something but I can’t exactly put my finger on it.

I wonder why the majority of the Korean idols are going over to Japan… Is the industry much better there? I know how much it has benefit DBSK and BoA, so I guess that’s why. For the Japanese fans. Now Super Junior is going to Japan and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I guess I wouldn’t mind listening to them sing in Japanese. :3

Yes, that’s Halcali in that video up there. If you’re clicking on this because you’re a fan of them, let me tell you that this post has nothing to do about them. Clear? Moving on now.

It’s a bit strange that I’m making this post today when the idea was brought up by a friend months ago. My first reaction to the video was the obvious “Yankii dance off?! AWESOME 8D” but when I showed it to TU, he came up with the idea of a fangirl battle. The idea has been stuck to my mind ever since but I never took the time to express it. I’m still amazed at how TU can understand all of it and make up these ideas when the stuff I tell him it’s just mindless ranting. Anyway! Could you imagine it? Fangirls are already rabid enough and with weapons, a massacre would ensue.
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I promise I didn’t edit this. I randomly paused to see the little boy’s shorts (don’t knock down my hobbies!) and… that happened. It’s a little movie I watched the other day. It had it’s share of “interesting” moments. And somehow, I’ve managed to creep out most of my friends with my screencaps of it. So, let’s try to guess the movie from the picspam lovely amount of pictures I’ll be posting as hints. Are you curious? Or do you already know? 8D

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it’s morihani x)

April 2, 2008


They’re nothing alike in personality. Hannie has his mannerisms and soft voice and little Mori is loud and gets excited over raiding vending machines.

That wasn’t the point. Look at those two screencaps. Sigh, it’d be great if he grew up to look like him. Even just a bit. *drools* All this came from Hannie’s hair in the last EHB episode. IT WAS THE BANGS.

Ay, me morí con Mori. And Keito. : D
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Crying Dandelion

March 2, 2008


UH-HA! Hey brother! HO bro– Wait no. Sorry, it’s the only song that could motivate me right now. As usual, I start off this post with something irrelevant, but I’m not going to even make a decent attempt at writing tonight.

I was supposed to write this months ago and somewhere along an RP distraction came in and I forgot. The reason I’m doing this is because I wanted to explain it to a friend and since I’ve had to repeat myself a couple of times, I’ll put it here so I can just link this instead of having to write it all over again. : D

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Oh, so it is a circus show after all. Even so, I think it’s a pretty nifty picture. The outfits and poses cloud my judgment. I’ve never mentioned it before but I adore top hats. I even dressed up as a mad hatter once. Soli mentioned that Shiwon looked like the owner but I can’t help but think of Shindong as the evil circus manager with that expression. Sungmin’s pimpin’ with that pose. Meanwhile Leeteuk has a similar effect on me. With his body type, I’m imagining him as a leprechaun. And somewhere in the middle Donghae is making an attempt to take a chomp out of Kangin’s stick. : D

There’s also some comparisons I wanted to post but never found a way to do so, so this is the perfect excuse to do so.

While some people consider Buono to be the ultimate unit, I prefer las Gatas. Obviously, Yossy is the reason why. It’s great for me to see her involved in a group rather than fade into the background. The Gatas’ time might be short, but I’m enjoying it. I had a few favorites in their new album while some of the other songs were forgettable to me. That’s okay; it’s H!P. There are very few albums I end up enjoying completely.

Now onto the usual conspiracy theories comparisons!

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